Critical Incident Stress Management(CISM)

McCarthy O’Connor Training and Consultancy responders are members of the Critical Incident Stress Management Network Ireland.

Critical Incident Stress Management(CISM) is an internationally recognised approach to supporting people who have been exposed to critical incidents. These are usually challenging events that have the potential to create significant human DISTRESS and can overwhelm one’s usual coping mechanisms.

CISM is a comprehensive, phase sensitive, and integrated, multi-component approach to crisis/disaster intervention.

The goals of crisis intervention are 3 fold;

  • To mitigate the impact of the event
  • To facilitate normal recovery processes, in normal people who are having normal reactions to abnormal events
  • The restoration to adaptive functions.

Should your community, company, organisation, club,school or college need support in responding to a critical incident that has the potential to create significant distress please contact us.

Examples of such events could be death by suicide, homicide, bus accident involving students/young people, industrial accidents. These are just a few examples where crisis support may be needed.

For more information or to discuss your needs contact or phone 087 2931783