Individual Stress Management

Stress is an everyday occurrence and a certain amount of stress is essential for us to be able to live our life as we wish and to achieve our life goals. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you sense danger-real or imagined – the body’s defenses prepare us by kicking into an automatic “fight or flight” reaction. However some stress can be harmful to us and this can occur as a result of major life events such as relationship difficulties, academic pressures, pressure to perform in sport or pressures in the work place.

How we respond to these pressure situations which cause us stress will determine the impact the accumulated stress will have on us as an individual and indeed on how we perform in our academic studies, our sporting performances and in our career.

Training Focus:

  • Signs and symptoms of stress:
    • Cognitive
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Behavioural
  • Challenging daily habits
  • Long term effects of stress
  • Understanding the fight or flight response
  • Practical skills for stress management

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