Mental Health and Well-Being Summit 2018

Mental Health and Well-Being Summit 2018. McCarthy O’Connor Training and Consultancy are delighted to have been invited to deliver a workshop at the upcoming Mental Health and Well-Being Summit in Octoiber 2018. The workshop will focus on Traumatic Bereavement and Loss it’s impact on the individual, family, friends and the community. It has long been believed that for every death by suicide 6 – 10 people were impacted by that death. Recent internation research has now clearly demonstrated that this figure is clearly wrong. The figure now appears to be 136 people impacted with 44 of these close to the deceased. As humans it is believed that we operate in networks of approximately 50 people. As such for each suicide the deceased network is imapcted. This includes family both immediate and extended, friends, work colleagues, school or college friends, sports bodies and indeed the worplace. This indicates that the public health concern in relation to bereavement through this most traumatic circumstances is far greater than previously believed. For us to be able to support the bereaved we must have a clear understanding of what they may be going through and how we can support them. Such support can be provided across differant levels such as being there and present. We aslo need to be able to provide relevant correct information to the bereaved which normalises their experience as a bereaved person. The availability of such information is essential along with support groups, bereavement counselling and indeed access to psychology and psychiatric services when required. The important message to understand, is that the long term outcomes for suicide bereaved is similar to other forms of bereavement and that the vast majority of the bereaved can and do come through their experience with the support of their network.