Sports Mind Coaching

Sports mind coaching is a branch of sports psychology that focuses specifically on helping athletes and performers breakthrough the mental barriers and limiting beliefs that stop them from performing at their peak state.

The overall goal is to improve performance, increase consistency and confidently manage set-backs and frustrations that are part of every competitive sport

A Sports Mind Coach Will:

  • Psychologically profile athletes and players
  • Mentally prepare athletes and players
  • Develop strategic goals
  • Improve motivation and enhance concentration
  • Develop mental focus and peak performance states
  • Obliterate limiting beliefs and failure mentality
  • Restructure past mistakes and powerful learning experiences
  • Control performance anxiety and manage stress
  • Manage set-backs and frustration

All athletes spend many hours per day physically training their bodies, pushing through their physical limitations and improving their endurance and strength. However, despite the tough physical training, mental training is often neglected. Just as the body needs to be tougher, more resilient, strong and enduring so too does the athlete’s mind