Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Prevention Training, what we need to know!  Suicide prevention is a subject which receives lots of commentary and media focus.  It is also an area which is surrounded by lots of myths, and these need to be clarified by the factual information about this subject.  One of the major myths about suicide prevention is that “Asking a person if they are suicidal will put the idea in their mind”  This is untrue and suicide prevention training clarifys this, indeed asking the person, will provide an opportunity for the person to talk to someone who cares.  The World Health Organisation tell us in their publication Preventing Suicide a Global Perspective that “Given the widespread stigma around suicide, most people who are contemplating suicide do not know who to talk to.  rather than encouraging suicidal behaviour, talking openly can give an individual other options or the time to rethink his/her decision, thereby preventing suicide” 

Suicide prevention training starts with ourselves.

We need to educate and inform ourselves so that we can become Gatekeepers for Suicide Prevention.  A Gatekeeper is a “Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, friend, colleague, workmate, teammate who cares for and loves their son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, colleague, workmate, or teammate and who will support them through a suicidal crisis”

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To take any of our online suicide prevention training courses follow the link provided.  Suicide prevention training it is what we do. 


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