Supporting Sports People in Crisis Podcast Interview with Sally Spencer-Thomas

Supporting sports people in crisis is a key topic discussed in this wide ranging interview between our Director Seán McCarthy and Sally Spencer-Thomas. The interview touches on a range of issues from Gatekeeper training to personal experience of suicide and its impact on those who are bereaved. To listen just follow the link here
McCarthy O’Connor Training and Consultancy have worked with our partners the QPR Institute Washington in developing a training programme for sports organisations and coaches, which is available face to face or on-line . As sports people preparing athletes for competition we focus on all aspects of the physical preparation such as physical fitness; including stamina, speed, flexability, strength and conditioning and the skills needed for the sport. We even involve sports psychologists to ensure the athlete is prepared psychologically to perform on the day. How often do we consider the mental health or indeed ill health of the athlete. We know that poor mental health can result in reduced concentration, focus, poor sleep and changes in appetite, to mention just a few of it’s negative impact on the individual. Do we ever consider the importance of good mental health and its impact on performance? What about issues such as stress, depression, concussion, addictions, eating disorders and many more that impact on the general population from where our athletes come from; how do these impact on performance on the day but also on preparation through training over a season? If you are interested in learning more about this underrated aspect of athletic preparation visit our on-line training section QPR Sport at , or email us at . This understanding of mental health could provide you and your athlete an additional edge in performance, most certainly it will benefit your athlete or team members as individual people who from time to time experience mental health difficulties as a result of life. You too will improve as a coach and mentor for these athletes.