Traumatic Bereavement and Loss: Helping the Survivors

This 1 day training course sets out to provide participants with a greater understanding of the impact that traumatic bereavement such as suicide, homicide or other sudden traumatic death has on individuals, families and communities. Research now tells us that for each suicide death 136 people are impacted and that 44 of these will be close to the deceased. The impact on bereaved individuals, families and communities can be severe and long lasting (Arensman, E., McCarthy, S. (2017)

We need to understand how these reactions can impact on the bereaved if we are to be able to support the bereaved individual, family, workplace, sporting organisation or community. By increasing our understanding about traumatic bereavement and loss we can better support the bereaved, therefore improving outcomes for them in the short, medium and long term.
Issues covered during this 1 day training programme include;

  • Awareness of the unique aspects of traumatic bereavement and loss
  • Why is traumatic bereavement different?
  • Interpreting the grief process
  • Manifestations of traumatic bereavement
  • Psychological difficulties after traumatic death
  • Identifying those who may need support in communities or workplaces
  • The impact on secondary traumatic stress on professionals

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